Who is your Legend?

There are those who make you laugh, those who make you cry, those whose performances inspire you to be a better version of yourself...then there is Robin Williams.

His unique brand of whirlwind comedic genius is awe-inspiring. From his early days as a stand-up comedian and new budding TV star, Robin was a force to be reckoned with. My first recollection of seeing Robin Williams on TV was in his performance of Moscow on the Hudson. At the time, I had no idea or concept of what "doing an accent" was, so imagine, if you will, my confusion the next time I saw him on a screen and he no longer sounded Russian. Once I realized what was happening though, I think somehow, this planted or sparked my interest in performing as an actor portraying different characters. Imagine the possibilities if you could be someone other than yourself.

Robin Williams was a comedic force beyond earthly controls. His improv skills were beyond reproach and I would delight when he went on talk shows for an "interview". It was often just another audience for him to perform in front of and showcase his extreme talent. That talent, making people laugh of course. The host of the shows would sit behind their desk, theirs eyes having the look of a deer caught in the headlights, and would, like the rest of us, be held captive by his genius.

Sadly, the Robin WIlliams we all adored and loved was only a perverbial mask to a tortured soul. His outward appearance held back, like a giant dam, the pressures and depression that existed inside. Celebrites and entertainers are, of course, only human. However, when I learned of the passing of Robin Williams I felt like we had lost a legend. Altough I never knew him personally, it felt like a close dear friend had left far too soon.

We miss you Robin, let your spirit and energy live forever!