women's history month


Why is it important?

Growing up I never really gave much thought to the importance of Women's History. I mean I was a boy, and eventually, if you ask the right person, a young man. I never fully grasped why Women needed a whole month dedicated to them. I suppose growing up in a household with a mom and three sisters I should have realized how difficult it must have been, and to some extent still is. Today, I like to think that my upbringing, in that household, has helped shape my views on the importance of women in history and their influence on me.

Whenever I see or hear of stories of men who have done something unsightly towards a girl or woman, I always think of my family. How I would feel if that had happened to one of them. Whenever I offer advice to friends or nephews I parse it through the lens of my family and have them imagine how it would make them feel if their female relative was treated as such. To that extent, women have always played an important role in my life as a teacher, who tries to espouse empathy.

In Episode 2 of PopCultX we discuss a few women who have been influential in our lives. I think it is important to note that all women, not just those mentioned in the podcast are in their own way, influencers. They all have the power to help shape a better world if we men just stop being so fearful of looking weak. A strong woman does not make you weak. In fact, a strong woman will help build you up and not put you down. So while Women's History Month is only 31 days long, we need to Celebrate Women all year long!

-- DJ