WHo reads anyways


Does your library contribute to pop culture?

Think back to when you last visited your local public library (pre-pandemic of course). What did you do there? Did you use a computer, check out a book, maybe borrow a DVD or CD? Look a little deeper, do you even have a library card?

Well, I was lucky enough to pay my local library a visit this past week. Technically it was through my phone, but I was able to check out the first two graphic novels from the "Invincible" series. Boy was I glad about that. The fact that I could do it all for free right from my couch, well that was just the cherry on top.

If you haven't heard about Invincible yet, I strongly encourage you to watch the animated series on Amazon Prime and to listen to our podcast episode dedicated to the show!

By providing graphic novels and numerous books and movies that highlight pop culture, libraries definitely help spread it far and wide. We are lucky enough to live in a time where information is at our fingertips!

The modern library has become far more than just a place for high school kids (of my era) do to research for a lengthy essay on the trading rights of the northern frontier during colonial years. It has become a central hub of access and information for anyone needing much more than a quiet place to escape. With most libraries providing free access to the internet, many job seekers and more have used this service there, because, unfortunately, they might not have access to it at home.

So once the pandemic has subsided and it is safe, we strongly encourage you to visit your local library and see what they have to offer. But for now, download your library's app and get to reading!

-- DJ