In Episode 12, we discuss movies from our childhood or youth, and how they influence us today. We also interview Tom Devlin of Tom Devlin's Monster Museum.

When I think of my childhood, one of the things that stands out the most to me are the movies I watched. I know a lot of them were age-specific to my life stage, but there were a few that were meant for all ages or even for "kids" older than me. I think those movies, the ones not specifically directed at my age group, are ones that I need to make a point to go back and watch to see if the story or at least the way I perceived the story has changed as time has progressed. The movies meant for my age group, well, I should also consider rewatching those to see if they have staying power and if they still have the same profound effect on me now as they did then. Then there are movies, that, we know after the first time watching them, that they will stay with us no matter what and no matter how many times we watch them, whether it be 1 or 300.

One such campy 1980's movie for me was "The Pirate Movie". While not exactly a blockbuster during its heydey or even now, this movie or should I say parts of the movies have stuck with me, probably more so than I care to admit.

Another such movie is "Army of Darkness". I remember this movie fondly, Bruce Campbell is excellent again as Ash in this 3rd installment of the "Evil Dead" anthology. His one-liners are classics and expertly delivered. However, I think what sticks with me most about this movie, is the memory surrounding how I first came to feast my eyes upon it. If my memory serves me correctly, this movie is the only one my father and I ever watched alone together. So I might put a more powerful emphasis on the quality of this movie based upon the memory it evokes. But, that is why movies matter. They make us feel, they make us remember, they can bring us back to our childhood with nothing more than a passing thought. Movies are like time machines for our souls.

In Episode 12: Movies Matter, we had a chance to chat with Tom Devlin. Tom is a special FX makeup artist whose creature creations have been featured in over 100 movies. In 2011 Tom appeared as a contestant on season one of the SyFy reality series "Face Off". He quickly became a fan favorite with his winning horror villain "Teddy Told Me To", a terrifying take on the teddy bear. He also founded and runs Tom Devlin's Monster Museum in Boulder City, NV. Tom started the Monster Museum as a way to honor the memory of "creature creation". As movies drift towards CGI usage for more of their special FX, Tom is working to preserve this form of art in his museum, or better put, his art gallery. Check out his website here:, but more importantly visit his museum the next time you find yourself searching for a bit of movie nostalgia!